7 Step Start-Up Program




Make sales and take applications. Learn our in-home process.


Step by Step in Home Presentation

  • How to get ready for an appointment and 5 important points to cover in the house 

  • Make sure to have all the 10 point presentations printed and in a separate tab in your field binder


In Home Flip Chart

  • This is used to help guide you along in your appointments if you fee you need to the help.

  • Either download on your device or print and out it in a presentation folder


Building the WHY in the house

  • This is critical to the sale.  If you DO NOT find the "Pain / Why"  there is NO SALE.   

  • Asking questions is the most important part of the appointment. 

  • Telling personal stories of how life insurance helped someone you know, or how they didn't have insurance and they struggled.  Make them see the picture.


Learn the 15WEBTTSS Process

  • This is used to organize and run your appointments!  Don't skip steps and use this process to develop emotion and build the need for insurance.  Watch Jahmal and Brandon below to follow along on how they run their appointments.

In home Training Videos