7 Step Start-Up Program




Place my first lead order.  Make sure to get leads every week!

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Print Lead Descriptions & Pricing

  • Print the Lead descriptions and learn our different types.

  • ​Use the income calculator in the previous step to understand how many leads to get each week.​

  • KNOW my Contact To Appointment Ratios:

    • A - Book 7 out of 10 I talk to​

    • A1 and B - Book 1 out of 4 I talk to

    • C - Book 1 out of 5 I talk to

    • D - Book 1 out of 8 I talk to

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Journey of a Lead


  • Understand the differences between A, DA, B, C, D, IPL, etc.​​

  • All leads are great leads when you understand and accept the contact to appointment ratio!  

  • Counsel with mentor on what leads are best to start with.

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Print Lead Samples

  • Know the difference in our 3 lead types:

    • Direct Mail:  Client filled out letter and returned it​

    • Call-in Lead: Client called in from a document they received telling them to call about an urgent matter on their loan

    • Telemarketing:  Lead generated by an outbound representative soliciting to find interest in an insurance policy

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Request Access to the OPT System!

  • To request access to OPT, 

  • Login to the Equis Dashboard,

  • Click the Chat icon on the bottom right of the screen, and send the following message: "Hello, I have completed my Surancebay emails and I am requesting access to OPT"

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Order My Leads Weekly in OPT!

  • Opt! is a software program we use to manage & distribution leads

  • DO NOT pay for OPT PREMIUM.  It's not needed to order and manage your leads.  Choose the dropdown for OPT STANDARD.

  • Request Access to Equis Lead System (OPT)

  • After you have completed the Surancebay emails you should request access to OPT.

  • Once you received the "Verified" email from Equis, you're ready to buying leads.


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                     MailCo  Account

  • MailCo is a 3rd party company we use for Mortgage Protection B & C leads 
    You do not need full access to Equis Agent Dashboard to register with MailCo.

  • All agents can register at any time with MailCo.

  • Sign-up for a MailCo account  

    • Agency name is "Equis"

    • Group name is "Glascott Group"

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                     LeadCo  Account

  • Sign-up for a LeadCo account by email Cheryl  at Cheryl@leadcoleads.com

  • Reference your association with Equis Financial and The Glascott Group,

  • List the counties you are interested in working.

  • Ask for the current inventory list and she will respond with cost and age of leads available in your desired counties.

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 Internet Leads with Integrity Marketing

  • Log on to the Integrity marketing link

  • Set up your account

  • List the counties you are interested in working.

  • There are 2 types of leads,  $11 are 30 minutes old (recommend these) $9 are 30 days old (Don't recommend these)

  • Step by step instructions are available by clicking the link

Here is an image of what it will typically take to make 10 appointments a week: