7 Step Start-Up Program




Design My Schedule, Lead Budget And Business Plan


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Save The Dates for Training Events

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Set My Income Goal

  • Use the Income-Calculator to determine your weekly lead cost and how many appointments you should be scheduling.  

  • This is a numbers game.  More appointments and more leads = more income.  Trust the calculator and get the amount of leads it says each and every week to see success.  Without enough leads, you are guaranteed to fail.


Set My Weekly Schedule

  • Write out a weekly schedule and stay disciplined to it.  Use the income calculator above to determine how many appointments I need to book to reach my goal.

  • Don't schedule appointments over livestream events or during dial time.  Counsel with my mentor on best practices here.

  • Check out the sample schedule to understand how to be definitive with my time.


Learn My Comp and Promotion Guide

  • Review and understand the promotions guides to get to your next promotion and print my promotion guide and ER1 Comp Grid.  CLICK HERE

  • Set a plan to promote every month all the way to a 100% contract.

  • Discuss my promotional plan with my mentor and gather best practices and strategies that work.