Recorded Calls & Webinars

This is a PERFECT webinar for BEGINNERS!


Bill Martin OG covers the best way to get started in this business from purchasing leads, making dials, and writing the best products for the client!

Bill also shows you how to start building a $3k - $4k cash flow consistently each week!

Recorded Calls

Live Dails With Crystal Patello
Tanya Hughes

Connor Jones

how to sell with video sales




Dial Session with Crystal Patello

Tips and tricks

Crystal Patello will be going over the different techniques she use to overcome objections on the phone along with her scripts. Also talking about consistency and goal setting, and scheduling. ​

Brandon Halls Phone Skill Training-  He discusses how to handle objections, set your schedule, lead mix, and so much more.


Gross Paid - All paid APV in the selected time range (regardless of what status the policy is actually in now)


Net Paid - All paid APV in the selected time range that is STILL in a paid status (does not include lapsed, withdrawn, not taken...)


Bonusable Paid - All GROSS paid APV in the selected time range but does NOT include unreported and guaranteed issued. Bonusable premium is capped at 5% to a max credit of $5000 (annuities). 

ETC 9/12/2020

​This training website is designed to equip and empower you to have a fast start in the mortgage protection industry.  The information and tools on this site will prepare you to "DO" the job.  As your managers, we are here to help you take these tools and resources to show you "HOW" to be successful in your very first week here with The Reaber Agency.  Under each tab, you will find a brief message explaining what to do to maximize your learning potential and develop the skills needed for success.

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